Korean Black Ginseng EveryGin Mild Extract 10ml X 30 stick pouches 10.14 oz GeumHeuk

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✔ Black Ginseng : Made of ‘goojeunggoopo’ which steams and dries ginseng nine times. While being steamed and dried repeatedly, The red color of the ginseng has gradually become black, to form the black ginseng. During the process of steaming and drying, ginsenosides contents (active ingredients) increases as ginseng turn to black.

✔ Portable : It is easy to carry and fit in your pocket or purse.

✔ Higher Absorption Rate : Due to 'Goo Jeung Goo Poo' process, ginseng has been so call 'naturally fermented' which has higher absorption rate. 

✔ GeumSan Ginseng : It has been proven by gov't affiliated PH,D that GEUMSAN grown ginseng value highest and has MOST ginseng SAPONIN (Ginsenoside contents). Due to GeumSan's optimal climate and land, ginseng grown in GeumSan known to be the BEST!

Ingredients & Contents : Korean Black Ginseng Extract, Korean Black Giseng Tonic, Korean Pear Extract, Bellflower Extract, Oligosaccharide, Maltodextrin, Xylitol

Suggested Use : Take 1 pouch a day. (Recommended to take before the meal)

Efficacies of Korean Black Ginseng:

**Immune boosting 
**Improvement in blood circulation 
**Fatigue recovery 
**Blood sugar control 
**Enhancement in physical strength
**Antiaging effects
**Anti-inflammatory effects

Made in Korea